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Satellite Radio Brings In A Fun Loving And Sensational Stream

Satellite Radio Brings In A Fun Loving And Sensational Stream

“Heavenly Voice” from skies has always fascinated people and this enthralment has manifested itself in several mythologies where people receive warnings, forecasts and divine messages. This undiminished fascination kept people working towards radio system. Satellite radio has evolved as a new concept in the modern era. Satellite has been an effective platform for multimedia broadcasts. Digital Radio is the natural choice to viaduct digital gap and benefit listeners several features such as error control and careful addressing. With the incursion of technical era, man-made satellites assimilated in sky aims at delivering not only messages but also crystal-clear music to listeners detached by geographical boundaries.

The most interesting fact is that direct-to-home satellite TV was launched much before digital radio. Satellite radio is professed to an individual’s tenure, as it is lightweight, portable and can be used even when you are on the move. In simple terms, satellite radio is signal either of analogue radio or of digital radio relayed by satellites and received in wider geographical regions. In North America, “Sirius Radio” and “XM Radio” are the most popular and commendable SDARS services. Sirius laid down its official framework on July 1, 2002 with headquarters in New York. Currently, Sirius has small studios in LA and Memphis that aim at providing 69 streams or channels of music, sports and news to myriad listeners.

Sirius music streams bring in a broad spectrum of on-air programs, which are uncensored, commercial-free and broadcasted for 24 hours a day. Both Sirius and XM launched radio services at the very beginning of 21st century. Satellite radio, also popular as digital radio propose uninterrupted and CD-quality music grinned to your radio directly from space. Both of these service providers are good enough to proffer its listeners with high-quality Radio Network with more than 130 Sirius streams. In February 2007, both XM and Sirius disclosed their plan to merge into a single company. Both the companies were in liability and believed that merger will help them prevail over this issue.

Moreover, this merger can lead to better pricing strategy and more streaming options for listeners. Some people were incredulous about the merge of these two renowned companies, though, also feared that monopoly will reduce competition, increase the cost and affect listeners poorly. Finally, Sirius and XM obtained approval from “US Department of Justice” and new company was passed by the name “Sirius XM Radio”. Today, car manufacturers are also installing receivers of satellite radio in most of their models. In addition, many portable receivers of digital radio are also made public by a wide genre of electronic companies.

Gone are the days when hopping in a car, tuning up radio and listening to ongoing commercials was a dream. One of the leading benefits of digital radio is that it is commercial free for the simple reason that its subscription-based services are sustained by listeners and not by advertisers. Services of satellite radio offer a long queue of programs in different genres that include talk shows, news, comedy, music and entertainment.

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