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Taipei is quite child-friendly and safe. So if you're planning to visit Taipei on holiday or company then please do take the prospect of receiving a weather text for Taipei which we'll send to your mobile. Otherwise, if you wish to stay only in Taipei, you may decide to go without the excess expenditure. Be sure that you carry an umbrella if you're out and about in Taipei, Taiwan.

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In spite of the exchange rate shift, Japan can still be costly, but it doesn't need to be. Taiwan is a travel destination that supplies a wide selection of experiences. Besides, it is known the world over as one of the hottest bio-diversity hotspots in the world. Have a look at the tea houses where you're able to experience Taiwan's rich tea culture.

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The 2 beaches are connected by means of a bridge. Some of Asia's greatest beaches can be located on the small island of Taiwan. There is an additional very small beach in the region that is somewhat secluded.

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If you're searching for something a bit quieter, walk along the coast. The west coast is the point where the huge cities, the huge ports and industries are. Jibei Island is among the most well-known beaches in Taiwan. Generally, the islands in the Northeast Sea Recreational Area are the very best spot to go if you're looking for water activities.