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How to Service and Maintain a Hoover WindTunnel Yourself

How to Service and Maintain a Hoover WindTunnel Yourself

Hoover’s WindTunnel vacuum cleaners have two main components that should be maintained periodically. Each of the major areas of the Hoover can be maintained by an untrained user if the user chooses not to take the vacuum to a certified repairperson. The front headlamp and the cleaner’s belt are the three most common areas that require attention and can be serviced at home with standard tools.

 Be sure to unplug the Hoover before beginning any repairs or service. Leaving the power cord plugged in can lead to serious injury from the moving parts inside the cleaner or electric shock.

Turn the vacuum over so that the underside of the cleaning head is accessible. Remove the cleaning head plate by removing the four screws at the corners of the plate with a Phillips screwdriver. Pry the plate from the bottom of the cleaning head once the screws have been removed and set the plate aside.

Slide the larger of the two visible belts on the left side of the cleaning head from the pulley wheel. Slide the belt from the cylindrical motor drive shaft located on the rear-right side of the Hoover’s cleaning head. Lift the brush roll from the slots on either side of the cleaning head. Remove the remaining thin belts from the pulley and slide it off of the brush roll.

Inspect the brush roll. Look for bent or worn bristles and damage to the beater on the roll. Replace the brush roll of the bristles are worn more than halfway down from their pre-use height. 

Slide the thinner of the two replacement belts over the thinner slot to the left of the brush roll. Place the belt onto the pulley inside the Windtunnel's cleaning head. Slide the left end of the brush roll into the slot on the left side of the cleaning head first, then slide the right side of the brush roll into the slot on the right side inside of the cleaning head.

Loop the new motor shaft belt over the motor drive shaft and feed it around the pulley adjacent to the other belt. Replace the vacuum’s cleaning head plate onto the cleaning head, align the screw holes and replace the four screws to hold the plate in place.

Remove the dirt collector from the front of the vacuum and set it aside. Depress the release lever near the left rear corner of the cleaning head to lower the cleaner’s handle.

Remove the screws around the corners of the headlamp lens with a screwdriver. Pull the light straight away from the Hoover's head. Remove the bulb from the slot inside the cleaning head and insert the new light bulb.

Replace the lens cover over the bulb and replace the four screws. Return the handle to the upright position and replace the dirt collector onto the front of the handle.

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